penelope walford
sea-inspired art

self portrait
found objects on canvas

I am probably best known for my large contemporary canvases of the Solent Forts (see prints) which I must admit I am a little obsessed with, and for incorporating the written word in my work, often using a scratchy vintage dip pen and ink to write directly on top of a painting.

Living on a houseboat my work is inevitably sea-themed, and now that I have the space, mostly on a large scale, although I do still while away the odd hour at my old beach hut studio working on smaller pieces.

As for my background, I have very little formal training having dropped out of art school in my youth, and barely touched a paintbrush again until I moved to the Isle of Wight some years ago.... however, since then I have been making up for lost time!


new houseboat
My partner Jeremy and I are building a houseboat on Bembridge Harbour. This is how it looked in October 2011 just after the windows went in. We moved in in July 2012, although it won't be properly finished for a good year yet.


old houseboat
We lived on 'Little Broom' (an ex-WWII personnel landing craft) for 2 years while the new houseboat was being built. It was leaky, damp, smelly and mouse-infested - and I loved it(!) However it had had its day and had to go, and 'Samphire' now sits proudly in its place.


open studios
The first few times I took part in Open Studios was from my beach hut. This year (2012) the new houseboat became a floating gallery space!

My beach hut studio on St Helens Duver (a publicity pic for Open Studios 2011)...

Open Studios 2012 aboard the new houseboat...


sea dog
My dog, Gonzo (a very scruffy example of a Labradoodle).


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